"We had fun, worked hard, and left feeling much better than when we walked in... Class was challenging, and definitely unique... Highly suggested! "


Architectural Movement


Rising Sun Flow


Community Trauma Informed Yoga


In our signature class you will learn techniques that are drawn not only from yoga but a variety of perspectives on human-movement. The sequences are sometimes fluid & always informative, challenging but accessible and inclusive of subjects such as geometric alignment, mobility, strength, equilibrium, and building an overall resilient system. A workout for both body and mind.  

-Dynamic Vinyasa: This form of Architectural Movement works with vinyasa yoga to develop dynamic physical ability.

-Inversion and Integration: This form of Architectural Movement focuses on handbalancing and core strength.

- Flying Lite: This form of Architectural Movement develops the ability to move across the floor with grace and joy.

Class is available to students of all levels.


Join us for the perfect start to your day.  In Rising Sun Flow you will be guided through postures and movements that open and warm the body, elicit the flow of vital energy and establish mental stability.  Class is available to students of all levels.

Class is available to students of all levels.


This class is offered to everyone, more specifically designed for folks who have experienced trauma. Through a trauma-sensitive, mindfulness-based approach to yoga, participants will come into a safe space to develop their own potential as well as gain skills to heal and navigate life.

$7 to drop-in
$2 discount if you mention @ymsphilly on (Facebook/instagram/twitter) on the day of class

Class is available to students of all levels.


Community Yoga Flow

We all live in a body and know how to use it in a basic way, in the fundamentals class you will begin to expand on that ability in order to develop a broader range and ultimately more freedom. Our teachers draw from a variety of traditions including yoga, dance, acrobatics and martial arts and will boil down the essentials when it comes to alignment, mobility, strength and equilibrium. In our Fundamentals class you can expect to receive detailed instructions on postures, movements and transitions. No matter what your body looks or feels like today, try this practice and see how you develop strength, curiosity and freedom.  Class is only $5 with a social media check in or $7 without.

Class is available to students of all levels and recommended for brand new students.


Core & Conditioning

Prenatal Yoga




During this intense practice you can expect to be challenged physically and mentally. Core and Conditioning emphasizes the principle of repetition in order to cultivate a stronger and more capable body and mind. Emphasis will be placed on developing the foundation for extraordinary capabilities of strength.

Class is available to students of all levels.


Practicing yoga during pregnancy provides an amazing opportunity to tune in to the innate intelligence of the mothering body. Through guided movement, meditation, and breath-work this practice encourages relaxation, flexibility, and strength for both body and spirit. We'll foster safe and supportive community for this precious time of life while touching on:

- Movement-based therapies for common pregnancy ailments
- Understanding of anatomical intricacies of the pelvis and pregnant body
- Relaxation and meditation techniques for pregnancy and childbirth
- Affirmations, love, and self-determination for the natal journey and beyond

This class is open to all pregnant individuals at any stage of pregnancy.

Natural Dynamics


Architectural Chair Yoga

Want to break free of the house, the yoga mat and of familiar patterns? Natural Dynamics is a unique practice held both in and outside of the studio. After a thorough warm up inside we will lightly jog a half mile to Fairmount Park. The outdoor practice will combine running, jumping, quadrupedal groundwork, vaulting, pulling, hanging and other forms of natural movement that are specific to the environment. Intense but accessible, Natural Dynamics is for anyone interested in moving freely and without fear in the outdoors.

Students should be comfortable running .5 miles (at any pace) 

Please Wear Running Shoes and Weather Appropriate Attire to Class

Sometimes on a Chair, sometimes standing. We will deal with the dynamics of folding and unfolding and learning the building blocks of how to get up and down from the floor safely and efficiently.

Class is encouraged for students of all levels and particularly those who are challenged by a conventional practice.