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Please feel free to arrive at the Dacha anytime on Friday afternoon or evening.  Your room will be ready for you and you can spend the time getting to know the area, relaxing etc.. Departure will be on Sunday at 4 PM.  Regarding getting to the dacha and back, I encourage you to contact other participants to find opportunities to carpool.  If it comes up that anyone is having difficulties with how to get to the dacha please email me separately and I will help out.

The address for the dacha is 195 Oakley Road, Damascus, PA 18415.  I recommend using GPS.  Although reception around the dacha is spotty however if the route is already loaded in your phone then it works all the way there.    

The land line at the Dacha is 570-224-1330


We will be offering full, family style meals for breakfast and dinner and 'serve yourself' lunch as well as a variety of snacks that are available at any time.  We will be cooking and based on each of your preferences and restrictions so please send me an email separate from the group indicating any dietary limitations that I need to take into consideration.  You are also welcome to bring any food that you'd like however please take into consideration that the refrigerator will be full.  If there is something that requires refrigeration that you need please let me know.

See schedule below for meal times.

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 For everyone staying in the cabin there will be bedding and a towel provided.  We recommend bringing an extra towel for swimming in the pond and using the one here for showers.  There are two full bathrooms with showers at the Dacha.  There are a variety of soaps, shampoos and conditioners to choose from as well. 

The pond on the property is free for you to swim in anytime during the day however we ask that you do not swim at night.  

The sauna will be fired up after dinner for approximately 2 hours.  On request we can also fire it up during the afternoon break.





During the retreat there are a variety of offerings for yoga, movement and mediation.  All classes are optional.  See the schedule below for class times and descriptions.

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