At The Yoga & Movement Sanctuary we offer a holistic and personal approach to your yoga practice.  Our 5 Star Rated classes offer a range of benefits from flexibility and strength to stress relief. Our teachers are trained in a variety of disciplines that range from traditional yoga to dance, martial arts and Chinese medicine . This diversity makes us the perfect place to practice for people of all ages, body types, ethnicities and orientations.

We are located in the booming neighborhood of Brewerytown in Philadelphia just 6 blocks north of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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"This studio is an amazing place to practice yoga! I've been practicing yoga off and on for the past seven years, and the Yoga and Movement Sanctuary is by far my favorite place to practice!"

Ashley W.

$5 Community Yoga Classes

Monday through Thursday: Yoga Flow from 8 - 9 PM

(Great for Beginners, Cash Only $5)

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