"If you truly want to learn to do a free handstand, Emile Sorger is one of the best. He helped me prepare with conditioning, building strength, learning proper physical technique and mentally, learning to think and adjust while upside down.Since working with Emile, my handstand is no longer lucky...


Levels and Results

Start Where You’re At

Newbie Program: Designed for those with no handstand experience and a moderate level of fitness.

Results: Expect to be able to comfortably practice handstand on the wall, to master the skills of getting in and out of a handstand safely, and familiarity with techniques to develop the confidence to balance without the wall.


Get Off the Wall

Beginner Program: Designed for those who can handstand comfortably with a wall but struggle to balance.

Results: Expect to be able to kick into a handstand in a variety of ways, to get a few seconds of hangtime and the confidence to fall safely from any position in handstand.  


Stick It

Intermediate Program: Designed for those who are comfortable kicking into handstand but have trouble balancing for more than a few seconds.

Results: Expect to be able to handstand for 30 seconds in the middle of the room and to kick up into a handstand 10 out of 10 times you attempt it.  Also expect to learn a variety of ways to enter a handstand and the beginning of the process of a press handstand.


Quest For the Press/ Advanced Positions

Advanced Program: Designed for those who can confidently kick or jump and balance in handstand and are looking to develop advanced skills.

Results: Expectations of results will vary on each student’s level of fitness and areas of interest.  Expect to be challenged and guided in a way only a teacher with years of experience can provide.

...however, the greatest, and possibly most unexpected bonus of gaining this strength, stability, control and fearlessness is that it has extended into my life far beyond sticking my handstand. Don’t miss an opportunity to work with this great teacher and human being."

Karen (High School Teacher and Yoga Instructor)

* For students who have not exercised for 6 months or longer, are obese or have severe physical limitations, handstands are still possible and a great goal to shoot for.  While in these cases expectations are less easy to predict, I am happy to work with you to develop the physical prerequisites that eventually lead to a strong handstand.


Curious but not convinced?  Check out Emile's 10 AM "Inversion and Integration" class on Sundays here at YMS for a taste of what you can expect.