Yoga & Movement Sanctuary

My great friend and brilliant Yogi and Mover, Emile Sorger and I are opening Philly's first Yoga and Movement studio. We couldn't be more excited to offer a new breed of Yoga studio, in the heart of Philadelphia's fastest growing neighborhood.
The Yoga & Movement Sanctuary doesn't plan to only introduce new movements to our current tradition. We seek to bridge the dichotomy of traditions and create an atmosphere that is comprehensive and approachable.
Expanding, and ever evolving our backgrounds in a cohesive manner, YMS will strive to offer an approach to Yoga that is as varied in its knowledge as it is focused in its aim. A communal environment, while also teaching a personalized approach to a Yoga practice.
This isn't just the beginning of a Yoga studio, it is a sanctuary to foster the growth of Human Potential. Can't wait to see you there!