Noah Julian:

A violinist, turned yoga instructor, Noah Julian's experience with numerous movement modalities including various forms of yoga-asana, dance, martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics and weightlifting has taken place well over a decade of serious study. In large part prompted by a crippling battle with rheumatoid arthritis, Noah began an education and comprehensive practice of self-study, movement, meditation and self-optimization. Noah continues his lifelong study, and daily practice, of these subjects and more while teaching movement, yoga and violin to students ranging from age 5 - 85. More info can be found online at

Emile Sorger:

Emile sees movement as a discipline, a conversation and a celebration of being. He began in the womb of his mother as a mysterious intelligence assembled his body in a profoundly elegant and organized way. Emile's childhood was characterized by inexhaustible physical energy coupled with a very serious interest in stillness and introspection, exemplified by his proclivity for climbing trees and sitting for long stretches in their highest branch. His formal yoga training began in 2005 at Goucher College where he studied yoga asana alongside meditation and religious philosophy. Since then he has studied meditation in India, Tibetan Buddhism in the Himalayas, Yoga Asana and Capoiera in Baltimore, Handbalancing in Philadelphia and New York, more meditation in the hills of Virginia, geometrically based and mythically infused yoga in Manhattan and the Ido Portal method in Manayunk. Emile’s biggest influences include Kim Manfredi and Will Walter of Charm City Yoga, Nevine Michaan of Katonah, Marcy Vaughn of The Three Doors, Lin Junming of the Fu Jian Circus, Johnny Sapinoso of the Ido Portal method, the Iceman Wim Hof, his brothers in yoga Noah Julian, Johnathan Raiss and Ari Halbert, his sister in dance Lily Kind and the cosmic inner guru that permeates all matter. Emile’s classes integrate traditional yoga sequencing and creative movement with contemporary mythology, music and inspiration with the aim of creating a space in which students can discover and express themselves in their individual and universal form.

Johnathan Raiss:

Jonathan's background in movement involves intensive study in various movement methodologies, over six years of serious training in capoeira and Chinese boxing, and over a decade of experience in various forms of Yoga ranging from therapeutics to fluid inversion based practices. He frequently incorporates elements of thai bodywork into his practice also. Jonathan is on the dance faculty at University of the Arts where teaches he Yoga, movement therapeutics, and experiential movement classes. He has assisted multiple trainings and workshops with Simon Park throughout the east coast. Johnathan teaches a style of yoga informed mainly by Liquid Flow, but also by the teachings and practices of Dharma Mittra, Joan White, Ido Portal, Shiva Rea, Katonah Yoga, Eric Franklin, Michael Carrol, and various other teachers and methodologies. Life and movement practice are a constantly evolving journey, and Johnathan is always seeking out and attempting to synthesize quality information into his teaching that is applicable on and off the mat, functional in purpose, and compliments the whole being. All are invited and welcome to practice, and share in the journey of self discovery and awakening that Johnathan believes should characterize the life of a human being.