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Yoga-asana Teacher Essentials

  • Yoga and Movement Sanctuary 2623 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19130 United States (map)

Anatomy: East and West
By understanding the inner workings of human anatomy, down to its core, not only are we better able to diagnose mechanical problems and dysfunctions, we can actually gleam insight into the emotional and physiological landscape of people as well. This fact is in accordance with the adage: As above, so below. As within so without. In this section of the training, in addition to leaning the basics of western anatomical names and terminology, we’ll explore postural diagnosis, eastern meridian line theory and the application of acupressure, as well as the somatic-emotional and somatic-visceral connections.  

Advanced adjustments and therapeutic techniques
Connecting with others by touch can be both an intimate and transformative experience, and as such should be met with care and confidence. Every teacher should feel fully in their comfort zone when connecting physically with others in a way that is receptive and directive. A skillful adjustment can truly transform someone's perspective, changing the way they look at themselves and reshaping the lens with which they see the world.  
We will review the groundwork necessary for feeling comfortable in this realm of teaching, reviewing advanced adjustment techniques as well as therapeutic postures meant to restore and revitalize. 

Introduction to Astanga Yoga
Anyone teaching Vinyasa yoga should have, at the very least, a basic understanding of the Astanga Yoga system. Its sequence and method offer a unique and potent combination that is truly profound. We will explore this system and look at ways to modify based on students’ needs, while still staying true to the age old format.