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Moving Beyond: Dynamic Vinyasa and Groundwork

  • The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary 2623 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19130 United States (map)

Sequencing vinyasa yoga is a creative process that requires a clear understanding of the arc of a practice and the constituent elements. If those elements are understood in terms of their relevance and order, one can be incredibly imaginative while still delivering a fundamentally intelligent and beneficial experience to the student. When a vinyasa sequence has been delivered successfully, the postures and transitions that make it up are understood and embodied. Once this has occurred it is possible to translate those same postures and transitions to an “off the mat” sequence that is more dynamic. When beginning to design vinyasa and groundwork sequencing, simplicity is primary and complexity is secondary. Be sure to emphasize simplicity at every step.


This workshop is recommended for yoga students who are interested in expanding their practice in a creative and dynamic way, students of other disciplines who are interested in an alternative perspective on yoga to "on the mat" and to yoga teachers who would like to begin weaving other disciplines into their curriculum.  

Cost: $300 before 5/14, $350 Full Price