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Acroyoga w/Eric Mamuzich

In these workshops I create specifically for beginners we cover elements like, weight sharing, how to move with efficiency, developing a keen sense of feel, trusting, staying in your role, proper spotting, communicating, and breathing. Alot of people think strength, power, will and determination alone will get the job done. 

We will run through specific excersizes together that will leave you feeling confident, informed, prepared, and inspired. You will begin trusting in yourself enough to continue exploring this practice safely on your own.

$30 Workshop Drop in ($10 discount for YMS Tribe Members)



About Eric Mamuzich:

Eric found yoga in 2008 comitting to a daily practice. He loved the sense of moving with purpose that he began to feel. Practicing solo movement for years he immersed himself in a yoga teacher training in Philadelphia. Not long after AcroYoga had found him. Within months Acro had taught him an absurd amount of information about movement through the body with efficiency. After diving into partner acrobatics he became certified to teach AcroYoga. He includes in his workshops the value learned from a strict daily partner practice. Factors like precision, alignment, tempo, speed and predictability make easier. So important is a keen partner connection with room for constant adjustment. The ability to use and develop your heightned sense of feeling goes very far in this practice. He loves dissecting, refining and teaching complex tricks. He credits yoga for allowing him to move slow through the proces of learning and understanding partner movement. Eric warns you that this practice can become addicting. It will also make you highly aware of yourself. You might not always like what you see but through a strict training regime and proper coaching you can always change the results!

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