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Individualizing Instruction w/Noah Julian


Individualizing Instruction w/Noah Julian: Advanced Teaching in One on One as well as Group Settings.

Individualizing Instruction: Advanced Teaching in One on One as well as Group Settings w/Noah Julian

A weekend designed for the intermediate student interested in finding more effective ways of advancing their own practice as well as the existing teacher looking to serve a larger population. Throughout the weekend we will examine ways to address individual goals, realistic time-tables and progressions toward them. Time will be largely spent identifying strengths, deficiencies and imbalances that will need to be addressed and identified (both in one’s self and students) to help reduce the risk of injuries.

We will navigate these territories by examining and utilizing tools of alignment such as those from Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga as well as introducing variety and some chaos from a variety of diverse Movement disciplines.

Saturday and Sunday 10-6pm


$300 early-bird (register/paid before 2/16)

$350 (paid after 2/16)