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Yoga Anatomy & Physiology: an East-West Perspective w/Alex Brazinski


Yoga Anatomy & Physiology: an East-West Perspective w/Alex Brazinski

In this intensive workshop, we will explore anatomy and physiology from two major paradigms: Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine. We will dive into the structure of the body, magnifying cellular structure and function and then begin to broaden our perspective to a holistic view of the body through a meridian-based, connective tissue approach.   The goal of this weekend is to broaden the understanding of the effect of yoga, pranayama, and movement practices on the tissues of the human body. We will look at various approaches from both East and West on how to optimize somatic clarity, control, and strength in order to create a sustainable and successful practice. 

Topics Covered:

-Anatomy and Physiology (East and West)

-Mechanisms of Stretching and Joint Articulation

-Mechanisms of Pranayama

-Chinse Meridians: Assessment and Palpation

-Fascial Networks

-Yoga/Movement postures for isolated stretching and strengthening

-Yoga/Movement postures for global stretching and strengthing

Saturday and Sunday 10-6pm


$300 early-bird (register/paid before 1/22)

$350 (paid after 1/22)

Earlier Event: January 14
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