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Everything Cartwheel and Earth Sky Water with Ron Wood

Everything Cartwheels:
Focusing on basic exercises and partner drills, the first portion of the workshop will take a beginner to a more comfortable space while executing a simple cartwheel.
As the day goes on, more intense exercises and wall drills will be shown to build strength and confidence in the movement.

By the end everyone should be able to play with different variations of cartwheels and have increased control while upside down and on their hands.

We can make it challenging for everyone's level of ability!

Sky Earth Water
S.E.W. Is a movement concept that links actions on 3 levels:

Sky = aerial movements where both hands and feet are off the floor. Jumps/kicks/twists/flips

Earth = movements where the body is mostly vertical

Water = movements where the body is close to the floor

Designed to S.E.W. together actions with level changing transitions to create a freedom in flow.


Ron Wood started his exploration in martial arts and movement with high school wrestling. Catching the bug for hard work and constant improvement, he went on to attain black belts in Kenpo Karate under Tom Updegrove and the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems as well as the rank of contra mestre in ASCAB Capoeira from Mestre Doutor. In between, he has been able to explore many other martial forms and also had a 15 yr career as a professional hip hop dancer. Dance gave him the opportunity to travel the world, train with and learn from some of the greats in dance and experience different concepts and principles in movement. Always a student, teaching allows him to share his journey while being challenged to identify the best path for each individual's growth. Most important, remain childlike!


Early bird price $300 until 3/17 and then going up to $350