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Functional Flexibility Series for Yogis and Movers: Lower Body with Alex

Not all flexibility is created equal. Sure you may be able to get into a split or wheel, but are you just forcing yourself into a position possibly compromising your joints? Or can you control yourself into position using the musculature and joints structure necessary to make that happen? This 2-hour workshop will focus on active flexibility for the lower body using particular muscular techniques that correspond with the vayus of vyana (expansion/push), samana (contraction/pull), prana (upward/lift), and udana (downward/grounding). These vayus will enhance muscle strength and joint integrity all while increasing flexibility dramatically. We will deconstruct and reconstruct various asanas while applying these techniques. You will also come away with joint mobilization techniques and proper breathing patterns that help create an effective systematic approach to your practice.

Investment: $25 and $20 to existing YMS Tribe members