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Journey to Mobility with Johnathan Raiss

  • The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary LLC 2623 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia United States (map)

Journey to Mobility: Ease in Motion and Posture

Six week series informed by the Katonah YogaⓇ Perspective



Mondays and Thursdays from 5 - 6 PM

September 9th - October 17


This series will open a dialogue that addresses posture, mobility and strength. Students will learn techniques that enable them to move with ease and work towards functional strength and mobility.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Forward folding

  • Strengthening the back-body

  • Hip alignment and mobility

  • Freedom of movement for the spine

  • Proper core activation

  • Opening and strengthening the shoulders

Over the course of this six week series, we will begin by developing the ability to find center and assess our own range of motion. The bulk of the series will then be devoted to applying Katonah based techniques to squatting, lunging, arm balancing and back-bending postures. Students can expect to develop the ability to enter, sustain and exit postures with greater ease and awareness. They can also expect to have a stronger sense of the relationship between postures within an asana practice.

 This six week course will be offered as blended learning, meaning that students will gain access to a digital course manual that includes videos, diagrams and prompts that will help them to develop a stronger sense of the material. Students will also receive guidance towards developing an individual or personal practice through the online portion of the course.


$250 YMS Tribe Members

$300 Full Price

 Johnathan Raiss is the founder of Equilibrium Movement, a practice and philosophy of moving towards center. To develop equilibrium in one's movement practice is to develop strength where there is weakness, to be competent where one is uncertain, to be open where we are closed, to be free where there were unnecessary boundaries. By working through principles of alignment and adjustment adapted from the Daoist inspired teachings of Nevine Michann, in combination with multidimensional protocols to create mobility, flexibility, strength, and fluidity inspired by top level dance, martial arts, and athletic professionals, we are able to optimize our organism in a manner that will bring us joy at the most basic and accessible of levels.

This methodology has been used effectively with countless individuals, ranging from high level athletes to the disabled, from young middle school students to industrial workers. When we learn to unlock the full potential of our body through easily repeatable patterns and clearly defined principles our lives have the tendency to be revolutionized for the better. Not only is Equilibrium movement mathematically and physiologically sound, yet it is also a surefire way to manifest the passion and discipline which have the power to beneficially permeate each area of your life. 

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