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A Yin Experience w/Katlin Davies

Balance your yang energy with a restful and restorative practice.

This 90 minute meditative yin practice is intended to create the space for practitioners to slow down their resting state. Physically, you will hold supported postures for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. Supported by physical boundaries found in the form of props, your nervous system will gently relax as your connective tissue lengthens and gains resilience. Energetically, you’ll enter a peaceful, meditative state that allows you to internally meet yourself where you are. Added bonus: reiki healing in an extended, swaddled savasana complete with palo santo cleansing. Leave the old skin behind and walk away sustained.

The body cools down in a yin practice, so please consider wearing layers and socks for comfort.

Investment: $25

YMS Tribe: $20