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Yoga Nidra - A Journey to the Self

Honor yourSELF with a meditative practice for deep relaxation and connection to the divine within. During this 1-hour workshop, you will learn and experience the 8 stages of yoga nidra in order to connect and stay connected with your higher truths. You will become a witness to your body, feelings and mind, giving space to experience freely without judgement or action. You will also unite to your Sankalpa, or heartfelt desire, in order to make lasting and meaningful changes in your life. You already are who you need to be and this workshop will ignite the process of awakening to your true nature. Yoga nidra translates to “yogic sleep”. This ancient practice allows your mind and body to rest in that sweet space between waking and sleeping; aware yet deeply relaxed. It is said that within this state, our truest selves can emerge. Yoga nidra allows us to plug into ourselves in a pure and non-judgmental way in order to learn our emotions, desires and thoughts without being swayed. Through guided meditation, you will flow through different stages of awareness- awareness of mind, body, breath and essence.

Benefits of yoga nidra

  • Induces profound relaxation in mind and body

  • Decreases stress

  • Alleviates insomnia

  • Helps solve personal and interpersonal problems

  • Stabilizes heart rate and breath

  • Promotes a healing for common mental health issues

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is asking, “Who am I?” “Why am I?” “What is all of this?” and “What is


  • All levels are welcome!

What to expect/bring

  • description and understanding of yoga nidra and the 8 stages

  • guided meditations

  • deep relaxation

  • wear comfy clothes


  • $20 General Public

  • $15 YMS Tribe Members

About Lindsay:

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Yoga to me is about the way you feel during your practice and how your mind, body and spirit align. Personally, yoga has helped and continues to help me maneuver through a very complex journey we call life. I have learned to embrace the good, understand the bad, face fears and find grace in it all. In my practice, yoga is symbolic to life. How I confront a difficult pose is how I confront a difficult experience. I sit longer and listen with more peace.

As a marriage and family therapist and yoga instructor in Philadelphia, my purpose is to help others find this same solace. I began teaching yoga in 2014 after becoming certified to teach through the Sadhana Yoga School in Bali, Indonesia. After returning home, I started a private practice in Center City and for over five years, I have been integrating mindfulness, meditation, yoga and psychotherapy into a unique treatment modality. Through my ongoing studies and personal practice, I have landed comfortably in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga styles. I pay attention to the physical body and assist with alignment, injuries and adjustments that deepen the practice. My goal is to help you release any struggles you may be having physically, emotionally and spiritually. To find peace within difficulties.