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Yoga Psychedelia

A metamorphic experiment that incorporates movement, chanting, plant medicine, energetics, and complete submission.


Enter a womb-like atmosphere and get dosed with our signature tea blend before settling into your practice space - a yoga blanket instead of the traditional yoga mat. Practitioners will feel fiercely protected. We ensure that they won’t have to worry about their external environment as they are guided through movements that are designed to shatter blocks in the body, challenging practices such as Yogi Bhajan’s “Key To Unlock The Unlimited Infinite Power” and sweetening, softening explorations of spinal rolls so that they can elevate their impression of what a yoga practice can be.


Investment: $40 Full Price

Early Bird: $35 before 10/7

YMS Tribe Members: $30


About your teachers:

Chandler began her spiritual pursuit at age 7 when she wrote in her journal that she wanted to know herself. Years later, in 2013 she found a consistent yoga practice as an entryway to experience just that. She completed her 200hr training at Dhyana Yoga in 2015 shortly after graduating from Temple University with a degree in Acting and Musical Theatre. She is also a graduate of the Magu Yoga 75hr Eye of the Teacher Training (2017) where she now holds two weekly classes in addition to her downtown Philly schedule. She teaches potent, alignment-driven classes where connection to breath is of highest importance. She offers students intelligent physical-structuring, energetic stability, and a pathway to mindfulness. Her teaching combines asana as therapy, ritual, and spirit. Within each of us lives the answers we seek and she is honored to act as a guide for those looking deeper. She remains a dedicated student and practices with teachers Alex Auder, Tara Culp, and Noah Julian weekly. In 2017 she held classes for the Soul Trek Birthright that tours cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Tzfat. Outside the practice room she can be found spending time with her mystic cat Jade or working as a ‘Bud-tender’ for Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center.


Amanda knew it was her Dharma to share the healing practice of yoga since 2012 when her passion for yoga as a student inspired others to ask her to teach them. The love affair began after feeling anxious and unstable after dropping out of the University of the Arts, and feeling majorly disconnected from her body for many years. This practice catapulted a fire that would remain unextinguished. She completed formal training at the Dhyana Yoga 200hr in 2013. Soon after, she was teaching at their studios in Philadelphia. By 2015 she was leading Mediation and Chakra modules in their Teacher Training Program. She has since adopted the teachings of Alex Auder (Kula Yoga Project/Katonah Yoga) and Prana Flow as taught by Simon Park who she has been a student of since 2012. She has completed a 15hr immersion in the Bhakti lineage with Raghunath Cappo (2014), a 10hr postural adjustment training with David Regelin (2015) and the 75hr Eye of the Teacher Training with Alex Auder (2017). Currently she practices with Alex Auder and Simon Park as often as possible, and was featured in the Liquid Flow Teacher Training Manual for 2018. She aims to hold space for people to feel more than human, and experience the magic of yoga while humbly remaining a student to her most loved teachers. She can be found currently (2018) living in downtown Philly with her husband Edward B. Gieda III with whom she will be traveling to western Europe to teach yoga to his touring band An Albatross.