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The YMS 250 Hour Teacher Training

Is yoga an important part of your life?

For many students, yoga begins as a way of getting exercise and becomes something deeper. The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to help nourish students who want to grow in their understanding of yoga.

Our training focuses on three areas, the student, practitioner and teacher. Throughout it you will learn anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, programming for individuals, personal practice skills, self care techniques and much more.

Is it time for your practice to evolve?

The YMS Teacher Training will give you tools to develop as a student, practitioner and if you choose, a stellar yoga teacher. Do you want to achieve those challenging postures and develop the ability to flow with ease, to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the body as it moves, to strengthen your knowledge of yoga philosophy and spirituality, or all of the above? Then this teacher training is for you.