Meditation is a Superpower

When we talk about movement one of the main components we are interested in is learning to protect the body from anything from injury to disease and maintain a physical state of equilibrium.  An effective yoga practice has longevity, fortitude and joy in mind and aims to create physical conditions that contribute to these qualities.  One reason that physical yoga practices are so important today is that many of us are commonly underusing and misusing our bodies (think sitting in a desk for 8 hours) and becomes a form of therapy and healing.

A sign of a good yoga practice is not that one doesn't ever get sick or injured, it is their speed of recovery. 

We can also apply this thinking this to meditation and our minds.  There are constantly difficult and harmful psychological experience meeting us on a daily basis, ones that if we become trapped by can become very challenging to release ourselves from.  That an effective meditation practice can contribute to the experience of having the space for clear reflection. The ability to experience difficult emotions and thoughts without feeling trapped by them.

A sign of a good meditation practice is not that one doesn't ever feel anxious or depressed, but that he or she can have confidence that it is temporary and will pass.

Fundamentally the philosophy behind both of these approaches is that we as humans have a fundamental intelligence that makes it possible to relate with and transform negative patterns.  While physical yoga and movement create confidence in the ability to transform negative physical patterns, meditation leads to confidence in the ability to transform negative mental patterns.  In simple terms, the belief that I can do this.

A great yoga teacher once said, "Anyone who tells you that your body is anything but beautiful and amazing is either jealous or trying to sell you something."  Trusting in in the innate wisdom of body and mind is one of if not the the greatest superpowers.