Inspiration and Reflection for the Week of 9/18

Fall Equinox


Moon Waning to Last Quarter (9/25)

Themes: Transformation and Selflessness


The transition into fall can be one of confusion.  Growth can be an experience of confusion.  How often is it that we are on the verge of growing yet are intimidated by the person who we see ourselves becoming?



This may be because becoming something greater imbues us with greater responsibilities towards others.  When we are born we are helpless, depending completely on the care of others for our survival.  The first skills we learn are related to self preservation, eating, washing ourselves, moving etc… Only after we have developed a degree of mastery in regards to self preservation can we begin to serve others.  Or from a different perspective, once we have developed the ability to care for ourselves it is demanded of us to begin taking care of others.  


Seasonally we are shifting into colder, darker months in which the need for warmth is pronounced.  For those of us fortunate to live in material comfort, physical warmth can be taken for granted if all that is required for it is to turn up the thermostat.  When we must create our own warmth for example, we can connect to the instinct to band together whether it be for the warmth of body heat, the motivation to cook a big meal, to make music or to dance.  The ability to turn up the thermostat has benefits and also drawbacks and while the heat in our houses will protect our bodies it will not nourish our spirits in the way that gathering in community truly can.  


In the summer we are free to enjoy ourselves both in community and as individuals, to be more self serving and follow pleasure down winding, mysterious roads that lead us to a more complete understanding of ourselves.  As we transition into fall the discoveries we’ve made whether they be of greater strength, wisdom, intelligence or otherwise are given context in terms of how we can put them to use in service of our community.


Movement practice this week will focus on interacting with our bodies, to trust the skills that we’ve developed so that we can become playful with and supportive of those around us.  We will also begin to look at the relationship between physical exertion and heat.  Heat not only meaning physical warmth but the heat of desire, jealousy, anger and connection and how those qualities, when channeled properly, all have a place in our practice and our life.  


Meditation practice will be focused on returning to the central axis, the pole around which the seasons revolve so that in the midst of all of this change we can refresh our connection to constancy, steadiness and clarity.