Fitness Goals and Yoga Contentment

Do you have fitness goals?  What are they?

Acknowledging, affirming and sharing those goals with your teacher and community are an important step in becoming accountable and taking health into your own hands.  Fitness is a way to keep ourselves healthy and beyond that to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

There's another side to the coin though which has more to do with yoga.  Yoga is a way of developing contentment, which is after all one of the five Niyamas or principles by which yogis attempt to live their lives.  

So our challenge as people who want to be fit and achieve our goals is to also find a way to be content in the moment, just as we are.  Sound impossible?  Maybe it is or maybe it just seems that way from a certain point of view.  A limited point of view that doesn't embrace that we are complex, multifaceted beings.

In our Philadelphia yoga studio we try to dance between these two perspectives.  Knowing when to push and knowing when to rest, knowing when to criticize and knowing when to congratulate.  It is the balance between the two that leads to a deeper success.  Deeper than just achieving goals yet more substantive than simply being content with things as they are.