Our West Girard Home

At The Yoga and Movement Sanctuary we are always present to our context of West Girard Avenue in Brewerytown.  It is a very happening, diverse area which never fails to challenge one's expectations and preconceptions.  One day a few children will come and ask to watch one of our yoga classes, the next a neighbor will offer to clean our front windows once a week.  Our student base is diverse, some who have lived in Brewerytown their entire lives, some for whom it is a new home and some who commute from Center City and even the Philadelphia suburbs in order to practice yoga here.  To us the important task is to offer a practice that is relatable to as wide a population as possible while stay staying true to the deeper meaning and integrity of what we believe yoga really is.  What is that deeper meaning?  Though it is impossible to define, to us at YMS it has something to do with feeling strong and whole within one's body.  What is integrity in that process?  It has to do with the honest and clear communication of what we teach and how it can be beneficial to health and overall happiness.  


One reason why it is easy to believe in what we do is that those qualities are universal.  Can you think of anyone who wouldn't want to feel stronger and more whole in their body and to know that those teaching them had deep respect for what they do?  At YMS we take things very seriously when it comes to how we relate with the people in our neighborhood because of one other core belief which is that in order for these qualities to develop, a loving and supportive community is essential.